Are you looking for a gentle 
but effective therapeutic approach?

There are many modalities a physical therapist can use. Exercise, massage, stretching etc. 

Aquatic Therapy for Babies and Kids In your pool

Water is a comfortable medium that assist learning new motor skills and is a good medium for strengthening exercises and stretching activities. Water skills improve cognitive skills, inner self-assurance and confidence. 

Developmental Therapy 

In the first few months of life some children need help learning to roll, sit, crawl and walk. The earlier a developmental delay is detected, the better the outcome will be with therapy .

Some major milestones:
Rolling: 4-6 months
Sitting: 6-8 months
Crawling: 7-10 months
Walking: 12-15 months
Running: 20-24 months
Jumping: 24-26 months

Myofascial Release

Myofascial release is a special, very effective and extremely gentle approach to relieve tightness and stress within the body. It helps reduce muscle tightness and fatigue in torticollis, toe walking, and spasmatic muscles in cerebral palsy, etc.


Massage is an ancient approach to soothe a body in pain, stress and fatigue.

Family Education and Training

We believe that the therapeutic activities learned at our facility need to be continuously practiced at home, in the park etc. throughout the days, weeks, and months to come. In order to achieve this, parents and siblings are involved in therapy and educated about the activities.  Besides, it is much more fun to do exercises with a "buddy" like Mom or Sister than alone.