Frequently Asked Questions

What is NeuroMotion?

NeuroMotion therapy expands the traditional Physio therapeutic approach embracing the uniqueness of every child's brain neuro composition.

A baby is born equipped with built in reflexes governing all of her basic bodily functions. These reflexes primary purpose is to keep her alive, secondary purpose is to give a baseline for development of new skill. As a baby develops and gathers information through all life experiences the body, the mind and the psyche stores the experiences as new movements, new information, new skills, new behavior. The new skills give the baby new option to explore and maneuver her own body and the environment around her. The new skills are more powerful that the inborn reflexes and this conscious learning period overrides the reflex based movements and behaviors. When a new skill is practiced to "perfection" conscious attention is slowly removed to give room to learn a newer skill. "Perfected" skills are our habits of movement patterns and behaviors associated with them. "Perfected" is in quotes because perfection is an individual decision to take away consciousness from any skill and focus on something new. It does not mean that development of that skill can not be perfected to a higher level. NeuroMotion techniques bring awareness to unconscious body parts, habituated moment patterns, movement behaviors and skills to "perfect" them to higher functional levels. Reflex based conscious overwriting is the basis of NeuroMotion.

Is it difficult for my child?

NeuroMotion Therapy is a gentle approach. However a child might cry during session due to several reasons.
1. All new movements can be scary or taxing for the baby/ child. “Scary” movements can cause crying.
2. NeuroMotion Therapy also brakes inappropriate habits and that could cause a “fight”.
3. NeuroMotion facilitate reflexes, which facilitate new sensations if the body and these sensations can be “scary”.

What happens on a session?

Each session consists of a mini evaluation, Neuro-Reeducation and Parental teachings.
The goal of each session is to empower the child and the parents to use the new movements on a daily basis.

How long is a session?

We offer 60, 90 and 120 minute sessions.

Services can be provided in person or via Skype.
In person services are most preferred since hands on learning is the best way to master these skills.
Skype is offered to overcome distance and time.

To schedule and appointment contact:
Agota at kidsppt@gmail.com

How to schedule an appointment?

To schedule and appointment contact:
Agota at kidsppt@gmail.com

How often should my child receive therapy?

Ideally, it is recommended that sessions are scheduled on a weekly basis.
However, if parents vigorously follow suggested exercise routines at home a session every 2 possibly 3 weeks can still bring desired results.