kids ppt office2

providing holistic services for children of all ages. Our treatment considers the client as a whole person consisting of body, mind and spirit. We don’t just treat an individual body part. 

Our goal is to help children achieve their greatest potential and to show them the possibilities that lie within them. We accomplish this by utilizing the best approach for their individual needs in a holistic manner, involving the family as much as possible and coordinating a plan with other providers.

KIDS PPT is a one-of-a-kind facility focused on manual physical therapy, using a “hands on” treatment approach. No “unfriendly equipment” is used while providing our services.

Our goal is to achieve improvement in Motor Skills, Balancing and Coordination Skills, Hand-Eye Coordination Skills, ADL (Activities of Daily Living) Skills, Cognitive Skills, Communication and Feeding Skills, Socialization Skills and Self-assurance.